A little about us:

The Grove Church is an autonomous community based church, currently meeting at Grandis Primary School in Banksia Grove.

We exist to share the love of God with you and help you come to know God yourself and personally understand what an incredible, loving, merciful, gracious and forgiving God He is.  He knows and cares for you, come find out more about Him.


We want you to come to know God and we also want to help you grow into a deeper relationship with God and inspire you to go into your world with the purpose that only He can give. We keep the programming at "The Grove Church" simple. We love church, but we also want people to have time to connect meaningfully with their family, school and sport communities too. Our motto is KNOW, GROW & SHOW. We want people to come to know God, and get to know one another as a church family. We want people to grow in their knowledge and walk with God, to understand what an amazing God He is and how very deep His love & grace is to everyone. We want to grow together as a church family. Finally, we want to show God to those around us, live out what we believe and show God's love to one another by serving others and sharing the precious truth of God's free gift of salvation.

Our Pastor and family:

Mark, Ashleigh, Nathanael & Abigail Joy

We invite you to come join us:



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